Catering to the varied needs of clients, Trishul Industries supplies TRI BOND GRADE(CMC). This product comes in two grades – CMC-HV & CMC-LV respectively. It is a high-purity product and is used in various drilling & food industries. It has wide application in salt water-based drilling because of its high resistance power to salt and temperature. It is of great help in stabilization of bore and prevents the collapse of the well enhancing the speed and production efficiency.


This product is widely used in oil well drilling and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) because of its filtration loss properties. The thixotropic property of TRI BOND GRADE (CMC) makes it very useful component in various food industries.


Trishul industries TRI BOND IS packed in 25 KG kraft paper bags/HDPE Bags. Customization of packing can be done as per the requirement of clients.


  • The product comes with an helpful thixotropic property.
  • It sustains the ability to control filtration loss in very less dosage.
  • Compatible with salt water.
  • Resistant to high temperature.


TRI BOND is high demand thorough out India. Also, Trishul Industries has served reputed & well-known companies of UAE & Thailand.