TRI BOOST GRADE (PAC) comes in two grades respectively PAC-R & PAC-L. It is a high-purity product is used in various kinds of drilling. It is majorly used in salt-water based drilling fluids because it has very good solubility in water and has strong resistance to salts which helps in reduction of filtration loss very effectively. It not only helps in preventing the filtration loss but also helps in increasing the viscosity of the mud.


It is widely used in oil well drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) because of its filtration loss controlling ability. It also boosts the viscosity of the mud and it performs well in all kind of water conditions like salty/fresh etc.


Trishul Industries TRI BOOST is packed in 25 KG kraft paper bags/HDPE bags. Customized packing is also available on request.


  • Works effectively in salt water.
  • Excellent ability to control filtration loss.
  • Boosts the viscosity of mud.


TRI BOOST has been used country wide and has been tested in adverse conditions as well. The potential markets of Sri Lanka and UAE are covered by this product.