One of the exclusive products of Trishul Industries is Drill Det-200 (Drilling Detergent). Drill Det-200 is always in demand as it works efficiently in all conditions and has minimal effect of saturated salt water on its efficiency. It is designed in such a way that it reduces the tension of the mud system and has a strong lubricating effect. Its anti-bit balling effect helps to reduce the torque and also helps in dispersing the clay, further reducing the force of cohesion of the pipe and the cake or clay.


It is widely used in oil well drilling & Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)because of its non-foaming effect, efficient functioning without breaking the viscosity & gel strength of the MUD.


Trishul Industries Drill Del-200 is packed in 50 Liters/200 Liters of HDPE DRUMS. Customized packing is also available on request.


  • Reduces torque and dragging.
  • Acts as an effective shale inhibitor.
  • Helps to free the pipe from sticky clay.
  • Works efficiently in salty water or sand.
  • Negligible effect on viscosity & gel strength of the MUD.
  • Controlled foaming.


This product is widely accepted throughout the nation. Trishul Industries also exports the product to Nepal & Bangladesh.