ECO BOND is a Bio Degradable “Mineral OIL” having polymers with extraordinary binding capacity. It creates a fabulous filter cake which stops the seepage and wastage of water and drilling mud , It also stabilize the bore and the gives immense strength to the bore, which helps in dealing with the BORE COLLAPSE issue . Eco Bond’s plasticity creates an unmatched lubrication effect between the drill pipe and bore which helps in decreasing the friction which further reduces the torque / rotation load of machine. It also helps in suspending and fluidizing the cuttings of bore which removes the cuttings from the bore hole, which gives a cleaner and stronger bore. Eco Bond reduces the drag and load on the machine resulting in saving cost of fuel, manpower.

Our team has designed the product keeping in mind the fact that the hydration of polymer should be fast and it works effectively in minimum agitation which enables the user to save time and not wait for hours likewise in other conventional drilling muds.


1) Faster Hydration in minimum agitation.

2) Creates a filter cake & gives bore stability.

3) Carry cuttings out of the bore hole.

4) Reduces Drag, Torque levels, bit bailing issues.


Trishul Industries ECO BOND is packed in 2 Liters Poly bags; bulk packing in 50 Liters / 200 Liters of HDPE DRUMS are also available on request.