Ecodrill-100 is a positively charged polymer based slurry system which is environment friendly in nature. Eco drill when mixed with water forms a highly viscous slurry which increases the cohesion between the loose particles of soil thus preventing the collapse of bore while drilling. It is completely silica free, drilling system which lubricates the bore hole thus reducing the drag and load on the machine. Besides, it helps in fluid loss control which helps in controlling the seepage of water/drilling mud which not only reduces the cost but it also helps in increasing efficiency.

Application: –

It can be used for various applications like Horizontal directional drilling ( HDD) , Piling , Oil Well Drilling. Its High Viscosity and binding properties makes it all terrain product ( Sand / Clay / Rocky conditions ) .


Trishul Industries ECO DRILL-100 is packed in 2 Kg Plastic Bags ; It also comes in 25 KG Paper Bags.

Features and advantages 

It strengthens the bore by increasing cohesiveness in loose particles.

It controls the fluid loss, thus reducing the overall cost.

It acts as viscosifier thus providing mechanical support to the bore.