Our TRI BOND Series BENTONITE POWDER is caters to foundry , steel plants and iron ore palletization industry.  The product has been segregated as per various needs of customer. We have special reserves of raw material which are high SWELLING in nature without any treatment and additions of polymers. We also have huge resources of high bonding and green strength products which is apt and suitable for foundries, steel plant and iron ore palletization industry. We also have multiple units for processing which makes us capable enough to meet high demands of this industry.


We have various packing options and we can customize the bag size and quality as per customer specific requirements to mention some:-

  • 25 KG Kraft Paper Bags
  • 40 / 50 KG HDPE Bags
  • Jumbo Bags of 1000 / 1250 /1350 KG are also supplied.
  • Loose and bulk shipment facility also available.


  • High swelling makes the moulds stable.
  • High Green and dry composition strength products provide thermal stability at higher temperatures.
  • Products suitable for all kind of alloys and metals to make it more compact and good flow ability.
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  1. TRI BOND :- It is a high swelling product with good green strength.
  2. TRI BOND + :- It is normal swelling product but higher GCS and bonding property.