ECO GEL is an Anionic charged viscosifier which has been developed by our team of chemists after long R&D. The need of developing this product came on the account of expanding interest for cost effective solutions of viscosifiers. It is a blend of highly viscous chemicals & high gel strength polymers which are anionic in nature. A controlled reaction is carried out in our reactors to create a perfect fusion of chemicals and Polymers. It is a proven Viscosifier which has multi purpose, it can be mixed with existing Bentonite slurry and it can also be used as a stand-alone viscosifier. Its highly viscous nature will not only increase the gel strength of the mud, it will also help in extracting the cuttings from the bore efficiently which will reduce the friction.


It can be used for various applications like Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) , Piling , Oil Well Drilling after diluting it with water. Its High Viscosity & Gel Strength helps to improve the performance of Mud.


1) Completely miscible in Water & Drilling Mud without advanced mixing setup.

2) Drastic increment in viscosity in low dosage.

3) Improves Yield and Gel Strength of the Mud.


Trishul Industries ECO GEL is packed in 2 Liters Poly bags; bulk packing in 50 Liters / 200 Liters of HDPE DRUMS is also available on request.