TRI PEARL GRADE (Diatomaceous Earth ) is one of the most important product of our portfolio, also known as Siliceous Earth or Kieselguhr, It is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock which is then crushed into a fine white to off-white powder. TRI PEARL is majorly used as for manufacturing of filter aids, fertilizers, rubber etc. because of its low density and amazing properties like porosity and high absorption.


It is a major raw material for Fertilizer ( DAP / MAP ) , Paints , Filter Aid etc . Its impeccable color and low density makes it a blessing for fertilizers and paint industry.


TRI PEARL comes in various packing as below and customized packing is also available.

  1. 25 KG Kraft Paper
  2. 25-35 KG HDPE Bags
  3. 500-750 KG Jumbo Bags of HDPE.
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1) Very Low Density makes it a excellent filer for paint and rubber industry.

2) High Porosity.

3) White Color helps in camouflage effect.


  1. TRI PEARL + :- High whiteness, Low Density , fine particle size product.
  2. TRI PEARL :- High Porosity ,Low Density , medium fineness particle size product.