ECO CLEAN is a neatively charged proprietary blend created by our experts which helps in dealing with hard water minerals such as calcium , iron , magnesium etc. because of their positive charge nature. It binds them easily because it neutralizes the charge. The anti-bit balling effect helps in helps in dispersing the clay, this not only results in reducing the cohesion of pipe but also helps in reducing the torque. This product is designed to work

In harsh conditions and it has very minimal effect of salty water on its efficiency. It keeps the rod clean which means less dragging, it also keeps the tools clean which give you better control on the drilling and steering. It is also NON FOAMING in nature which gives you ease of operation and usage of the product.


It can be used for various applications like Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Oil Well Drilling  . It is highly recommended in clay and sticky soil conditions wherein The pipe / drill string / tools is sticking due to Cohesion by clay/sand.


It acts as shale inhibitor.

Reduces torque and dragging.

No adverse effect of salty water or sand on performance of drill clean.

Keeps the Rod and tools clean from STICKY CLAY

No Need of using Soda Ash / Detergents on site

Non Foaming


Trishul Industries ECO CLEAN is packed in 2 Liters Plastic Bottles ; bulk packing in 50 Liters / 200 Liters of HDPE DRUMS is also available on request.