Horizontal Directional Drilling ( HDD) SERIES

Our TRI GEL Series BENTONITE POWDER was introduced after several field trials and detailed understanding of actual job site. HDD has evolved a lot since it was first introduced by Honorable Mr. Martin Cherrington , the OEM’s are constantly upgrading the rigs capacity in order to execute longer and bigger Diameter crossings which mean our product also needs to be upgraded with growing challenges . Our R&D team is working 24X7 to make our product suitable for all kind of soil strata rock/sandy/clay etc.


We have various packing options and we can customize the bag size and quality as per customer specific requirements to mention some:-

  • 25 KG Kraft Paper Bags
  • 40 / 50 KG HDPE Bags
  • Jumbo Bags of 1000 / 1250 /1350 KG are also supplied.


  • 1) Acts as a viscosifier and creates unmatched thixotropic effect.
  • 2) Carries the cuttings out of the bore and creates a film for lubrication and strength.
  • 3) Takes care of bore stabilization, avoids collapse and ensures a clean and stable Bore Profile.
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  • TRI GEL :- It is a natural sodium based bentonite suitable for all kinds of soil strata.
  • TRI GEL + :- It is pretreated with POLYMERS for extra viscosity and improved performance.
  • TRI VIS :- It Is a high yield high viscosity grade specially designed for challenging conditions .
  • TRI MARINE:- It is specifically designed for salty / sea water drilling.