Trishul Drilltech Services LLP is a dedicated subsidiary of Trishul Industries offering HDD Services. The company is backed by more than 03 decades of industry experience with sole objective of providing End to End Drilling solutions.


One stop solution- Competently planned and executed, this is what Trishul Drilltech services has stood for since its foundation. As a relatively young company, it is our aim to competently support and dedicatedly complete our projects. We as a company advice our clients throughout the project- ranging from feasibility studies, specific planning to the execution of the drilling project.

List of Equipments

Goodeng 135 ton HDD machine

Drill rods (6 meter)- 1000 metres

Hole openers and Reamers from 6 inches to 42 inches (Soft and Rock)

Tracking device (MAG-8)

Mud Pump of 1500 LPM capacity

Mixing tank with 03 mixing pumps and agitators

Recycling unit


Office cum Storage container

Utility vehicle etc.


It is the diversity and our flexibility that distinguishes Trishul Drilltech from other drilling contractors.

  1. Our team comprises of pioneers of HDD industry who have worked across globe and have years of experience in this fields.
  2. Trishul industries as a group has in-depth knowledge of drilling mud and polymers which is backbone of the drilling.
  3. Associated with pipeline industry from more than 2 decades.