Our FERTI BOND Series BENTONITE POWDER is mainly designed and engineered for various fertilizers like DAP / Sulphur bentonite etc. and for animal feed as well. Bentonite was approved and certified by various Commissions and international trade institutions to be used in fertilizers and animal feed and henceforth we also designed our product specifically with high bonding capacity and moreover with low DIOXINS level and controlled Ph. Our FERTI BOND series also has high water retention capacity and it ensures NIL cracking problem with minimum dosage.


We have various packing options and we can customize the bag size and quality as per customer specific requirements to mention some:-

  • 25 KG Kraft Paper Bags
  • 40 / 50 KG HDPE Bags
  • Jumbo Bags of 1000 / 1250 /1350 KG are also supplied.
  • Loose and bulk shipment facility also available.


  • Low Cracking , Low PH product for lower acidic diets
  • High water retention and exceptional bonding properties.
  • Controlled Dioxins level and also absorbs harmful toxics.
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  • FERTI BOND: – It has higher bonding and higher water retention properties.
  • FEED BOND: – It is normal swelling product but higher GCS and bonding property.